I’ll be completely straight with you, every photographer hates the question: “What makes us different?” In a world where mobile phone camera’s have a quality that is superior to most point and shoot cameras, and the DSLR is more accessible than ever before, why choose a professional over yourself, let alone this professional?

Disclaimer: Taken with mobile phone camera before camera phones were the awesome.

I think the answer is simple. I own a hammer, a drill, and some other tools, and I can use them pretty well for little things. Ask me to build anything that isn’t from IKEA, though, and we might run into a problem.

Camera’s are great tools, much like a hammer, and just about anyone can take a tourist snapshot, but being a professional with them is an entirely different conversation.

Me using a drill, because that’s how a DIY’er does it, right?

The great part about any kind of artistry is style, both in the artwork and while on set. When you look at portfolio, I imagine you are looking for something that you like, and that will lead you to hiring a professional photographer. Am I right? What you purchase is the most important part about your session, and your experience will make you love your portraits even more.

My goal in every session is to have you walk away feeling joyous and happy, like you came and had a genuinely good time. Our end goal is to create great portraits, and my number one priority is making you happy on the day of photography.

Great Example of a Snapshot, no professional needed here.

So what sets me apart from other photographers? That’s a good question, and I’ll let my style and portfolio do the talking on that front. If you are looking for a professional photographer that will create unique images that use creative lighting and will give you a unique image to enjoy every day, I might be the photographer for you. Take a look at our portfolio and Contact us today to set up a consultation!