Let’s get straight to the point. Is glam photography a form of erotic photography? There are a few definitions of glamour photography and they tend to center around a woman being anywhere from fully clothed to fully nude, but generally they talk about the woman in sexual or erotic positions.

Now, wait a minute you say. First you say glam, then talk about glamour. Are they the same? The simple answer is no. Glamour is a fairly young photography genre. It started off as erotic photography in the late 19th century and didn’t start to change until the later half of the 20th century. Common erotic photography included “French Postcards” and Pin-up. Glamour photography has been changing since then, but is still thought of as more sexual in nature.

We are helping redefine glamour photography and are calling it glam. So, what is glam then? Glam is where our clients find a really nice outfit or a few outfits and get their hair and makeup “glammed up”. Jewelry and high heels? Yes, please. Then get in front of the camera and light it up like a movie star. No one looks sexual in this type of photography. You just look happy and like you are having a great time (which you will be)!

Glam is nothing to be afraid of, it’s exciting! So, dust off that beautiful outfit in the back of your closet and give yourself a really good reason to slip it on. Make yourself lasting memories by clicking the button below and set up your session today.

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