The vast majority of people today have a camera on their mobile device everywhere they go. Does that make everyone a photographer? While the short answer is no, the real answer is loads more fun. Not everyone with a camera is a photographer, but everyone with a camera can be a photographer. 

Brussel Sprouts and shadows.

It was the earliest lesson I learned as a photographer. I hadn’t even learned about my camera yet, and I was still scared about switching from one lens to another. Photography, as it happens, is not about cameras at all, it is about seeing the world around you in a different way, or from a different perspective. My first teacher always said that being a photographer is about how you see and not the kind of camera you have. So the only bad camera you can have is no camera at all. 

Now you should try to avoid delusions of grandeur, your mobile phone is not the right equipment to make you thousands of dollars photographing weddings. Mobile phones are great choices for the hobbyist just trying to capture details as they travel the world around them, and modern technology provides some fantastic options to create some magic. There is such a thing as having the right equipment for the job. Want to start getting serious about photography? Contact me and I can help you take the first steps to getting started!