Our Process

Your path to an awesome and empowering Fantasy Boudoir session.  

You + Boudoir? 

The first step is deciding that you want a Fantasy Boudoir experience. This is the moment you embrace your awesomeness, move past your fears, and step forward. 

The Consultation

Every piece of artwork requires a little bit of planning. In this 'get-to-know-you' session, we'll cover all of the details over the phone or zoom to best prepare you for a memorable and enjoyable experience. 

It's Glam Time

On photo day, you'll spend time being transformed into a supermodel by one of our fabulous hair and makeup artists. You get to chill out, relax, and get some quality 'you' time. 

The Main Event

When we say 'You Deserve This', we mean it. You'll spend roughly two hours with our photographer creating artwork you will never forget. It's a marathon of a day that leaves you feeling like the sexy boss babe you are. 

The Reveal Day

Are you ready to be blown away? That's what reveal day is all about. You see your photos for the first time and place an order at this appointment. Pro-tip: Apply for our special financing before ordering day and come with a plan! 

Bask in your Awesomeness

Once your order is placed, just sit back and wait until photo delivery day arrives. You get to enjoy your artwork forever more. Congrats!