A couple months ago we were all going about our business, and overnight everything changed. March and April were on track to be promising months for our business, and in the blink of an eye we had to change course. We are still working on it, and things are moving in the right direction. After much waiting, much cleaning, and very much anticipation, we are excited to announce that our studio is open for business and ready to welcome you!

Quarantine. What’s been going on?

During COVID Quarantine (covidtine?), Justin has worked behind the scenes building a new website (mostly made of toilet paper rolls). We even gave a wicked cool name to our portrait offerings—Invicta Portraits. Want to know what it means? Pro tip, don’t look it up. Just head over to justinmikkelsen.com and all will be revealed.

What has your time during the COVID Quarantine looked like? In our house, things have been productive. Since we started home schooling our kids at the beginning of this school year, our house wasn’t overly impacted. Well, that is unless you count a certain owner of Justin Mikkelsen Photography occupying the kitchen table with his laptop. Thankfully he cleaned up his home office and he has since re-located there. Other cool things in our house, our oldest daughter learned to ride her bike, and it only took her a couple days. Yay Nikita!

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So we are back, you are back, and if you are anything like us, you feel a little lost. Welcome to the club. There is something about being captured in a photograph that is empowering. It’s like making a new connection with yourself. So, here at Justin Mikkelsen Photography, we invite you to come find your you again.

Your Personal You

Let’s be real for a second. The COVID Quarantine does not define you. It often feels that way, right? Sitting on your couch drinking libations and streaming the latest fad shows online sound familiar? That’s not you, it’s just how you coped. Let’s do something that will help heal you, empower you, and conquer the effect this virus had on you either directly or indirectly.

Your Professional You

Business isn’t the same as it was 60 days ago, right? Crazy as it sounds, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to define your brand and fill the void being left in the wake of this pandemic induced economy. Our cinematic style will communicate your professional image and make your business stand out in a crowd. Past clients have shared how a single image has brought them business. This is artwork that pays you back.

Your You Right Now

No matter who you were before COVID came, your you right now reflects a unique period of history we are all living through right now. Think about it, this is your opportunity to capture your experience to share with future generations. That’s why we are photographing one set featuring you in a mask (yes, you can get creative). Even more awesome, you will receive one complimentary image of your masked photo as something special to share about how you lived through a historical plague.