I’m back for Boudoir and ready for action! It’s been a journey getting back to this point, and I’m crazy excited to welcome women back in front of my camera.

When the pandemic hit and the lockdowns came, I had worked for two years to build a fully booked calendar. In March and April of 2020, I had achieved it, and I was so excited. Then the lockdowns arrived, and two years of work dissappeared overnight.

I stopped shooting portraits and boudoir for a while, I think much of it because I was hurting from the pain of losing so much of what I’d worked for. Like most of us, living through government lockdown was hard, and I was far from the only business impacted by it. I am super grateful that the other side of my business, photographing real estate listing photos, saved me.

Now, after a couple years of a hiatus, I’m insanely excited to bring back the boudoir work I do, serving women with empowering portrait sessions and creating some incredible artwork in the process. I have some cool things coming up, including setting up a business in Las Vegas to do special weekend sessions, helping women create memories that will enhance their trip to Vegas and leave stronger and more empowered to be themselves.

If you are thinking about a boudoir portrait session and you want to have some questions answered, be sure to Book a Free Phone Consultation with me!