you've never felt 
this awesome before.

Meet the confidence, power, and beauty you never knew you had during a life changing, empowering boudoir portrait experience you will never forget. 

do you ever wonder how the love of your life see's you every day? 
(hint, this is how you find out)

SnapChat filters, Instagram models, airbrushing - you've probably heard all these terms, right? We float them around in every day conversation, cursing them for how they make us feel (it's not a good feeling). What if I told you that all of that isn't real? Think about it. When you have that special person in your life that adores you for the beautiful human being you already are, it makes you feel incredible, doesn't it? 

It's time to see yourself through the eyes of your adoring partner. 

Surprise your partner and yourself with a transformative boudoir portrait experience. Be a supermodel for a day and you'll never forget how awesome it made you feel. 

You will always remember it! 

I believe that beautiful portraits are for everyone. I help women of every shape and size connect with their inner-beauty through tasteful, classy boudoir photography

My full service boudoir photography studio is based in Portland, Oregon. Past clients agree, a session with me is whole lot of fun! 

I make it my goal to have you laughing and enjoying yourself in the first 15 minutes of our time together. You feel beautiful, sexy, confident, the kind of feelings that you want during a portrait session all about you. 

Hi, I'm Justin! 

My favorite part about a boudoir portrait session is seeing my clients go from nervous to confident and owning the session. I get a front row seat to watching a life-changing transformation happen right before my eyes. 

I've been a photographer for over 15 years, and my work spans beyond boudoir, even into the whacky forays of cosplay, or costumed cinematic portraits. I've even been known to create fun boudoir digital creations unlike anything you've seen before. 

let me help connect you with your inner-beauty and confidence.

I have three small girls. That's part of why I'm so passionate about making the world a better place for women. 
I'm a big geek and I love superhero movies and comic books. Just ask, I have a whole photo gallery of epic photos to prove it. 
Food is my love language. Taco's, BBQ, and Noodles are gifts from above. Yum.

are you ready to create a gift
you will never forget? 

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