1. Feel amazing, it’s all about YOU! 

Let’s be real for a second, looking beautiful is really about feeling beautiful. On the day of photography with Justin Mikkelsen, you’ll start with a professional hair and makeup artist that transforms you into celebrity-like appearance. A boudoir session is all about you, and you have 100% of attention on you for a few hours in a day. It’s luxurious, it’s a break, it feels good, and in the end you’ll see images of yourself that transport you back to that great feeling you had on the date of photography. 

2. It’s a gift from you to YOU!

I often hear that boudoir sessions are gifts for a special person or significant other. I’ll invite you to think about boudoir in a different way. A photo session with me is first and foremost about you, so don’t discount the awesome feeling you’ll get from seeing yourself in glamorous photographs and experiencing a session where you’ll pose in ways different than anything else. 

3. It’s Empowering for YOU! 

Have you ever just felt good, like hitting a milestone, achieved a new feat in the gym, or finishing a special project? Boudoir sessions have a similar effect, you walk away feeling just a little more powerful and ready to conquer the world. The most beautiful outcome from a session is you walking away feeling better overall. 

4. It’s a Celebration of YOU!

So much of our lives are spent taking care of other people, thinking about work, working, and figuring out how we are going to manage getting everything in. It’s time to take a break for a little bit, turn off your phone, and focus on you. There will be beauty time, there will be photo time, and you get to dress up in different outfits that highlight YOU! 

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